Top Tip Time – B100dY Pa$$W0rd5!

As promised in a previous post this Top Tip Time is all about how to create spangly and secure Passwords.

Love them or loath them, passwords are an important part of IT security and as such we are all required to ensure we maintain a strong secure password to keep the nasty people out.
Use of passwords is one of the lines of defence against nefarious activities such as Identity Theft. I could talk a glass eye to sleep about why you must keep passwords strong and secure so do feel free to contact me at BMGUK Consultancy ltd if you are having trouble sleeping and I will happily go through it with you.

***********Geeky bit alert!!!***********************
A fairly standard password policy usually requires passwords to meet the following criteria:

Minimum 9 characters long and at least 3 of the following 4 options
At least 1 Uppercase character
At least 1 lowercase character
At least 1 number
At least 1 special character
***********End of Geeky bit alert!!!*****************

So how can you create a strong secure password and still remember it the next time you use it?

A good way of generating a password that is hard to guess but easy to remember is to devise a phrase that contains ordinary words, such as, names of people, places or things (so they start with a capital letter) and numbers.
Your password is then obtained by taking the first letter of each word except for the numbers which are represented by figures.
So, for example, if your phrase was “Everyone knows Android is a thousand times better than Apple” the password would be EkAia1000tbtA.

This is a strong easy to remember password but it could be stronger still by adding special characters. Easy to do, just substitute characters for symbols. Replace any letter ‘Ii’s or number ‘1’s with an exclamation mark ‘!’ and any ‘Aa’s with a number 4 or the @ symbol and your password becomes much harder to crack. Our example password now becomes EkA!a1000tbt@. Uber strong, secure and simple to remember.

If you need to remember multiple passwords, an easy way to avoid forgetting which function they’re for is to use the function name (or part of it) in your password. You can combine this with the technique suggested above to create a long, memorable password.
Your network logon password could then be netlogonEkA!a1000tbt@ or your Facebook password could be Faceb00kM4tr!x, a combination of the website’s name and your favourite movie, with some number substitutions thrown in for good measure. It’s a password that’s impossible to guess, extremely hard to crack yet easy to remember.

Other things to remember about passwords:

  • NEVER give your password to anyone, (this includes shouting it across the office when IT ask you to come over and enter your password). Nor does being persons in a position of power negate the need for good password policy.
  • NEVER write your password down, (now you don’t need to as you have a simple way to remember it.)
  • DON’T use known items associated to you such as car registration numbers or children’s names.
  • ALWAYS Change your passwords regularly.

Until next time. H@v3 4 N1c3 DaY

Top Tip Time is a series of posts designed to attempt to get across significant subject matter, but in a more light hearted, non-geeky and user friendly way. They all loosely (and strongly) link to the services I provide through my business, BMGUK Consultancy Ltd (face it, I have a mortgage to pay so its all shameless self promotion).
They are a technique I have found, throughout my long and varied career, to have worked really well. Those that know me, I am sure, would give testimony to how much they have helped them to easily understand subjects and also made them realise that not all techie “experts” are arrogant, condescending know it alls.
If you like them, please feel free to follow my blog and post a comment. If you have a burning desire to suggest a subject to be Top Tipified then please, go for it, get it off your chest, drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

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