Free Sex!

Free Sex! How intriguing someone giving away sex for free.

Before I begin, let’s be clear, “there is no free sex on offer”. Sorry to disappoint you, but now that I have your attention, just think about how let down you are feeling now, knowing that there is no free sex on offer.

That’s almost as annoying as when you get invited to yet another seminar promising to tell you how to become GDPR compliant only to turn up there and its someone telling you, what GDPR is and then try to upsell you loads of their products that you don’t need or want.

So why have I enticed you here with false offers of sexual gratification then? I hear you scream.

Well, first off it is not yet another GDPR seminar with loads of others attending, it’s not a networking event with crap coffee and dry croissants, neither is it a “training course” on GDPR that tells you everything the ICO website can tell you. What I am offering is free though, (again not sex though). It’s a presentation at your office on, not what GDPR is, but how you go about becoming GDPR compliant. (Insert cheering, flashing lights and fireworks here). At last, something about GDPR that you actually want to know.

I will present to you (over approx 90 minutes) a conceptual 100-day (4 phase) plan to start you on your way to GDPR compliance. Within the presentation I will also introduce some of the relevant services that I offer that fit in with any successful GDPR programme. Once you have seen my presentation you can then, without any obligation, decide to either contract me to run your GDPR programme or we go our separate ways and you handle your own programme.

It’s that simple, I come to you*, you provide a room, (bring a few others with you if you want to), I present to you and then you decide if I really am as good as I say.

Interested? Then get in touch to book me in. 07927 054875 or contact us.

*If you are in the North West of England UK I will travel to you, any other locations in the UK or overseas will be via web presentation.

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