Your Value Matters!

Project Management is more than just delivering a project on time and on budget.

This is a quote I have used on many occasions when speaking with stakeholders and project team members. The problem is that there are plenty of “Project Managers” out there but very few good quality managers of projects.

Back in my days when I was a Software Developer (around about the time that Noah was in short trousers) I worked for a major home improvements product supplier who insisted that every member of staff attend a Customer Service training day, as part of the induction process.
On this training day everyone was asked what they believed was the first rule of customer service? There were the usual suggestions of the customer is always right etc. The answer that the tutor came out with has stuck with me ever since with everything I ever do when providing service to clients’ customers or end users alike.

The answer was:

Exceed the customers expectation

Such a simple concept yet ultimately powerful. If you exceed the expectation, then you will always provide excellent service.

That is what sets a “project manager” apart from a great Manager of Projects.
No matter what project methodology you use, PRINCE2, Agile or my favourite good old common sense approach, all of which I am qualified and experienced in. A project should not only be delivered on time and on budget but also it should exceed the customers, clients, or stakeholder’s expectation. This can be done in many ways but probably the best and most noticeable way is adding additional tangible value to the organisation.

Many times, a client will ask for XYZ particular end product from their project. If you are managing the stakeholder well, you will also be guiding them to the best possible product for the best possible price which will ultimately add the best possible value to the client’s organisation. You have then exceeded the customers expectation and hopefully you will reap the benefit also with additional work or better still a glowing testimonial.

So please understand that engaging me for your project management needs is far more than “getting a contractor in” what you are getting is someone professional enough to listen to you to learn what you want and then to help you earn value from your requirement.

Take a few moments to take a look at a small selection of the projects I have delivered across varied disciplines and sectors and then get in touch to successfully move your next project forward with BMGUK Consultancy Ltd.

Now go back and read the title of this page “Your Value Matters!” if you see what it means then you know your value, either as a PM or as the Client.

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