Limited Time Offer


I will bet you a pound to a piece of cheese that you have seen umpteen offers from various companies offering you, seminars promising to tell you what to do about GDPR or various numbers of ways to become GDPR compliant.
You go along all excited and all that happens is they show you a few slides explaining what GDPR is or, something like you need to do a GAP analysis and an Information audit etc but omit to tell you HOW to do said tasks. Sound familiar?

None of these seminars I have attended, nor the ones that I have been asked to be a Subject Matter Expert at have explained HOW to do GDPR compliance, they have only ever told the what is GDPR.

So here is the offer to you good people out there.

I have put together a proper GDPR workshop just for you? A workshop that explains at a high level, HOW to DO the actions you need to carry out e.g. How to do an Information Audit and what training to carry out with your staff.
Quite simply a workshop, where you can ask me your burning questions about GDPR. There will not be any “what is GDPR” other than what you want to know.
You will drive the workshop and there certainly won’t be any sales pitch of spangly products because I don’t have any products to sell. I’m a Consultant & Project Manager not a box shifter. If you want my services afterwards we can discuss that over a great coffee and biscuits anytime.
The workshop is for up to 12 attendees over one day and you only pay one price. This is great for the small business owners out there, just get up to 12 of you together and share (yes share!) the cost. It is the same price if 1 or 12 of you attend.
Cost can be saved further if you have the workshop at your premises or you arrange the location. I can organise a location but that will extra.

So whats the cost for this amazing offer I hear you scream?

Simple, £800 plus any incurred expenses (mileage and accommodation if it is over 50 miles from Preston Lancashire).

If I arrange the location then that cost will be dependant on where the workshop is held and will be advised after discussing your requirement, but before booking. Average cost for this aspect is around £300.

So for, at most, £1100 you get access to over 20 years of experience for up to 12 attendees, (just over £90 each). I am confident that you will NOT find a comparable offer cheaper anywhere else.

If this offer is of interest to you, or if you have any IT, GDPR or Project Management needs then please get in touch or 07927 054875 without delay as the clock is ticking and I will be very busy, very soon so I can only run this offer for a short period of time.

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