Travelodge, Fortnum & Mason – Typeform Data Breach

Details below of several data breaches which have happened over the past few days affecting some household names. Travelodge Customers of Travelodge are being notified that some of their personal details have been stolen in a data breach. An email has been sent out 02/07/2018 to customers which explained that: On Friday, June 29, Travelodge... Continue Reading →

Ticketmaster Data Breach

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, Ticketmaster UK identified malicious software on a customer support product hosted by Inbenta Technologies, an external third-party supplier to Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster believe that less than 5% of their global customer base has been affected by the incident and that customers in North America were not affected. Though their security experts... Continue Reading →

Limited Time Offer

  I will bet you a pound to a piece of cheese that you have seen umpteen offers from various companies offering you, seminars promising to tell you what to do about GDPR or various numbers of ways to become GDPR compliant. You go along all excited and all that happens is they show you... Continue Reading →

Shhhhred It

Who'd of thought! Did you know that your office shredder needs to meet minimum security level standards for data protection? No? Then read on my friend. Afterwards you can get in touch with me to get advice and guidance on this and many other "didn't think about that" items. Whilst its not set in law... Continue Reading →

Don’t Do GDPR!

What! A data protection professional telling you not to do GDPR! What is the world coming to? Confusing comment from me I know, but what the heck, why should we bother with good information governance. I myself prefer my IT Consultancy and Project Management disciplines anyway. But if you are interested read on: Don’t gain... Continue Reading →

Free Sex!

Free Sex! How intriguing someone giving away sex for free. Before I begin, let’s be clear, “there is no free sex on offer”. Sorry to disappoint you, but now that I have your attention, just think about how let down you are feeling now, knowing that there is no free sex on offer. That’s almost... Continue Reading →

Get A GDPR Data Audit

Calling all Business Leaders The mince pies are now a distant memory and the pine needles have begun the expedition into the carpet to pop up later in the year, so now is the time to think about your business strategy for the year ahead. If you aren't already aware, there is one very important... Continue Reading →

Top Tip Time – B100dY Pa$$W0rd5!

As promised in a previous post this Top Tip Time is all about how to create spangly and secure Passwords. Love them or loath them, passwords are an important part of IT security and as such we are all required to ensure we maintain a strong secure password to keep the nasty people out. Use... Continue Reading →

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